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The Aquatic Toxicology laboratory (ATL) and its associated facilities are designed and equipped for carrying out modern toxicological research from the genetic and molecular level through field and mesocosm assessments. The ATL is located on the first floor of UNT's Environmental Education, Science, and Technology (EESAT) building.

Primary research interests include contaminant effects on freshwater aquatic communities. Specifically, understanding linkages among fisheries and benthic population dynamics and how these are influenced by anthropogenic perturbations are studied by examining how chemical pollutants are distributed through biological communities and how they affect community structure and function.

Researchers in the Environmental Chemistry Laboratory study the analytical chemistry and fate of contamination in the environment. The lab has state-of-the-art chromatography and spectroscopy instrumentation for measurement of organic and inorganic contaminants. Laboratory personnel examine physical and chemical processes that control the distribution of chemicals in air, soil, and water

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