Environmental Education Initiative | Institute of Applied Science
June 16, 2016

Environmental Education Initiative

The award winning Dallas Environmental Education Initiative team here at UNT needs wrappers as part of their summer program with the young kids in Dallas.

If you would, please save your wrappers and bring them here to their office, EESAT 215M so they can be put to use educating the younger crowd about recycling. There is actually a box in front of their office window.

If we are closed, feel free to use our drop box outside of our suite and we will make sure they get them the following business morning.

For more information on about this AWARD winning Team and what they do for the City of Dallas please go to https://news.unt.edu/news-releases/unts-science-education-research-lab-wins-water-conservation-award-work-dallas

We are pretty proud of them! Here is an example of the kind of wrappers they are looking to get from you.